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Talent Training

In pursuit of our vision of fostering top-notch Hi-Tech EPC & Solution providers,
SK ecoengineering has established and implemented various competency reinforcement programs.
Talent Training Programs

We operate various training programs to cultivate top-notch experts in engineering.
We support our employees in advancing their skills and expertise through our common training courses tailored for their tasks and roles,
which will directly lead to improved performance in their job.
Also, we offer select courses for talented individuals with strong potential who have acquired practical skills and expertise. As such,
we provide opportunities for everyone to become leaders in the future.

R3 R2 R1 Tasks Mgmt. Academy (Strategy/Finance/HR/BM) E(ng’g)ssential Courses -Mandatory training for SK ecoengineering employees- New Employee Training BIM Academy SNU. EDRC training/seminar KOPIA training English Program Biz. Insight Special Lecture AI/DT Pre-con AWP OSC/Module Biz. Academy * New Employee Training is offered to new employees year-round. ** Task Training is organized and offered by each office. * Incubating Program for those who transferred (run by business division) Hydrogen & Environment Planning Construction Project Management Business Support Management Support Battery Indurstrial Gas & Power Training for Members Board Members R4 Training for Leaders [Biz. Leader/ (Original) Tech. Leader/ (Operational) Tech. Expert] FLP (Future Leadership Program) Ranks Common Courses Cultivation by Work Selected Courses Leadership Program Group FLP SKEP FLP Mgmt. Perspective Reinforcement Program Selection (Cultivation Group) Setting up selection criteria HR Actual Projects Candidate Pooling Review Biz Insight Assigning challenging tasks Appointing Deputies Fast Track review Mgmt. College Networking/ Leadership Specialized Course Selection/Cultivation of Core Talents Selection Cultivation Utilization “ Doing by Learning ” T-type converged talents Tech professionals leading the innovation of BM (optional) New Biz. Portfolio Acquiring Readiness (mandatory) Producing achievements by having the basics of New EPC Cultivating Leaders - Asset, Potential, Values, Leadership - Project fit review, provision of references
Growth Self-Design

Our members design their own growth plans and voluntarily participate in training and education programs they need to grow together with the company. #I Make #I Challenge

  • Self-Design

    Members set up their own growth goals and design growth plans themselves.

  • Customizing

    Among various curricula, members choose what they want, and by doing so, they customize their own growth master plan.

Participation Platform

All of our training programs are made with our members together.
Our training programs evolve through the communication channels through which various voices of our members regarding their opinions about training can be heard. #Real-time communication #This is what I want #I recommend this program

  • Training Board

    We hold a ‘town hall meeting’ every other month to share training agendas and listen to the opinions of our members.

  • Training Channel

    We run a communication channel to relay the members’ opinions about our training programs to the Plant Academy.

  • Training Letter

    We share with our members the ‘Training Letter’ monthly that contains news about training programs and activities organized by the Plant Academy.