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Financial Information

2021 Financial Statements

Financial Statements table(It consists of Current assets, Quick assets, Inventories, Non-current assets, Investment assets, Tangible assets, Intangible assets, Other non-current assets, Total Assets, Current liabilities, Non-current liabilities, Total liabilities, Capital stock, Capital surplus, Capital adjustment, Accumulated other comprehensive income, Retained earnings, Total Equity)
Description Amount (Unit: KRW)
Current assets 34
Quick assets 34
Inventories -
Non-current assets 9
Investment assets 8
Tangible assets -
Intangible assets -
Other non-current assets 1
Total Assets 43
Current liabilities 7
Non-current liabilities 2
Total liabilities 9
Capital stock 20
Capital surplus 20
Capital adjustment -
Accumulated other comprehensive income -
Retained earnings -6
Total Equity 34