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ESG Management


Quality Management Policy

SK ecoengineering seeks quality management based on the international standard ISO 9001 to deliver the best quality that meets the needs of internal and external customers. To do so, we carry out project inspections and support activities during the design and construction phases for technical service by expert organizations and proactive quality risk management. We also focus on improving work productivity by adopting DT for quality management, thereby securing core competitiveness and creating successful project deliverables on the basis of New EPC.

Quality Policy

SK ecoengineering, as a Net Zero Tech Solution Provider in the field of Green Energy, recognizes quality as its core value and pursues the happiness of skateholders and society as a whole through customer satisfaction, and hereby declares its quality policy as follows.

  1. We deliver optimal quality with customer satisfaction as the top priority by providing customized solutions that address customers' pain points
  2. We prevent accidents by eliminating the root causes of accidents through systematic risk management.
  3. We contribute to improving corporate value by securing core quality competitiveness through New EPC.
  4. We realize social value by fostering shared growth with business partners through mutually beneficial cooperation in quality.
  5. We contribute to the company's continuous growth and development through innovation and advancement of the quality management system.
CEO of SK ecoengineering dongho Oh January 1, 2023
Quality Management Goals

Our quality management roadmap is to build a comprehensive system to support our leap forward as a Net Zero Tech Solution company with global top-tier competitiveness. As part of the roadmap, we form a team of experts for each construction type who are capable of advising customers on technical solutions to assess risks and suggest remedies, while delivering technical solutions to internal and external customers to improve productivity and prevent rework. We will also continue to improve our quality management system to prevent quality accidents and minimize risks at all stages of a project through data-based risk detection using the DT system.

Table of Quality Management Goals(This table consist of Resources and capabilities, Systems and processes)
2023 2024 2025
Resources and capabilities Build an expert organization and conduct quality activities based on technical know-how Expand the expert organization for each part of EPC Leverage senior experts to represent the Lead / Help / Check organizations to provide preliminary risk diagnosis and solutions from project contract stage to closure
Systems and processes Operate Smart Construction Platform(S.CON) for all ongoing projects Lay the foundation for data packing / LL(Lessons Learned) in the S.CON Build a preliminary risk hedging process based on data analysis
Quality Accident Prevention

SK ecoengineering engages in various quality accident prevention activities. For instance, we provide initial quality support to set up the quality system and assess risks at the initial phase of a project. and carry out regular and ad-hoc quality audits considering each project's characteristics and processes. Regular audits are conducted using our expert organizations to ensure high quality in design and construction, and ad-hoc audits are conducted when we deem additional audits necessary or when quality issues arise. We ensure issues raised in an audit are addressed 100% by each site, while strengthening the efficiency of quality work based on experience and data to prevent recurrence.

Quality Management and Support for Business Partners

We ensure construction quality by verifying our business partners' capabilities through the four-step Quality Gate to practice quality management and prevent physical accidents. Our screening process during new registration, bidding, and contracting stages is designed to proactively manage quality by blocking contractors with insufficient quality capabilities from entering our network. We also conduct quarterly quality performance evaluations and issue certificates of appreciation to excellent business partners and warning letters to subpar suppliers to motivate and alert them to improve their quality activities. As such, we make continuous efforts to achieve quality levels that meet customer requirements.

Quality Management Certifications

SK ecoengineering has obtained and maintains quality certifications from accredited certification organizations in an effort to enhance customer trust in the global market. We have acquired ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, and have acquired ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) quality certification as a preliminary step to be accredited for our quality management procedures for boilers and pressure vessels, which are key technologies in the plant industry.

ISO 9001ISO 9001




Quality Training Programs

At SK ecoengineering, we operate a quality training system to cultivate a quality mindset among all employees. Through mySUNI, SK Group's training platform, all employees can access courses on quality management, quality activities, quality management systems, and quality accident cases. For projects, each project team sets up an annual training plan and new joiner training plan, and conducts training for all stakeholders at the site, including employees and business partners, on quality work procedures and system operation.

mySUNI quality trainingmySUNI quality training

On-site quality case trainingOn-site quality case training

On-site Quality Management System

To drive transparent quality management, SK ecoengineering has developed S.CON, a DT system that enables the monitoring and management of quality activities for company-wide projects. The system integrates data on on-site quality activities in real time, such as various inspection reports, nonconformance issues, and then displays the Project Quality Index (PQI) on the dashboard, which gives a numerical indication of the level of quality activities, making quality activities more visible and enabling the company to assess quality performance in a quantitative manner. We utilize the system to manage the construction quality of our business partners as well by developing a feature to easily issue nonconformance reports. Work is still in progress to further develop the DT system with the goal of embedding risk detection and proactive response based on the accumulated quality data.

Biz. Partner Quality Gate
G a t e 1 Evaluation during new / renewal registration · New registration evaluation · Renewal registration evaluation : reflecting quality performance results for each year G a t e 2 Evaulation as part of bidding process · Quality Bid Evaluation G a t e 3 Contract / commencement · Site manager interview · Review and approval of project quality management plan G a t e 4 Performance evaluation · Quality performance evaluation for project business partners (quarterly) · Deregistration business partner selection (reflecting Quality Gate1)