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Safety and Health Policy

At SK ecoengineering, management decisions are taken with safety and health management policies in mind. We continue to integrate safety and health management into our operations to maintain a higher level of compliance than legal requirements and prevent industrial accidents, and in 2022, we obtained ISO 45001 certification, an international standard for safety and health management systems.
Aware of the importance of expertise and independence in all safety and health management activities, we have in place a Chief Safety and Health Officer (CSO). We have strengthened the overall management system, organization, manpower, and budget of the CSO organization, and improved its execution by requiring a safety and health plan to be reported to the Board of Directors every year.
Through scientific analysis of major disasters in the same industry over the past 30 years, we have identified high-risk tasks and necessary safety measures, which are then embedded in a mobile application for site-based safety management. This way, we ensure that the safety and health management system is effectively implemented based on data rather than experience and estimation. In parallel, the CSO organization constantly ensures the safety and health management system is effectively established at all business sites through constant reviews, and operates a clearly defined incentive and penalty system to boost the motivation of employees and stakeholders to achieve zero accidents.

Health and Safety Organization
  • Headquarters
    • CEO
    • CSO

      Overall accountability for safety and health

      • Eco Eng.
        Safety and Health Planning Team

        Building a safety and health management system; operating and training personnel; managing business partners

      • Eco Eng.
        Safety and Health Assessment Team

        Monitoring implementation of safety and health management systems; managing disasters

To promote the health of its members, SK ecoengineering provides a wide range of support programs for all employees, including contract workers, such as health checkups and screening, positive symptom follow-up, by categorizing employees' health care into environmental, psychological, and physical aspects. We operate a musculoskeletal health program to prevent occupational diseases by taking into account the characteristics of the industry, regularly check up on those with positive symptoms, and raise health awareness through campaigns. In this way, we promote the mental and physical health of our employees and prevent diseases thereby contributing to the achievement of zero accidents.

Improvements to the Safety & Health Management Systems in 2022
  • Leadership
    • Refined and designed a safety and health performance evaluation system
    • Reviewed and evaluated management systems by the CSO
  • Budget
    • Granted a separate budget for the CSO org
    • Created a structure enabling rapid enforcement of accident prevention and legal compliance
  • Awareness level
    • Equipped with education and training system
    • Checked for training completion and notified of non-compliance in real time via mobile application
  • Recurrence prevention
    • Verified the adequacy and implementation of recurrence prevention measures on a semi-annual basis
  • Management system
    • Analyzed hazards data for system upgrade
    • Specified compliance guidelines for high-risk work
  • Safety and health win-win culture
    • Responded promptly to business partners' real- time hazard suggestions
    • Valued and listened to the opinions of business partners for disaster prevention
  • Safety and health capacity enhancement
    • Conducted safety capability assessment as part of business partner induction, bidding, work execution, and renewal process
    • Carried out quarterly safety capability assessment for all business partners
Safety and Health Management Goals

SK ecoengineering manages the net lost-time injury rate (Net-LTIR) as a key indicator with the aim to eliminate industrial accidents. In 2022, Net-LTIR was measured at 0.272, and from 2023, we set a goal of reducing industrial accidents by 22% each year until 2025 by applying the average annual industrial accident reduction level of global companies with advanced safety and health systems.

SK ecoengineering's Safety & Health Management Policy

We endeavor to become a role model for the industry by continuously upgrading our safety and health management systems to the global level in order to promote the happiness of our employees and stakeholders.

  1. We establish a disaster prevention safety and health management system, verify its implementation, and continuously improve it.
  2. We identify and eliminate root causes of accidents so as to prevent the same/similar accidents from occurring.
  3. We promptly implement safety and health improvements and corrective measures mandated by government agencies.
  4. We periodically review our compliance with the requirements of safety and health-related laws and regulations and make improvements as necessary.
CEO/CSO 2023.01.01
Industrial Accident Management Indicators
Table of Industrial Accident Management Indicators(This table consist of Fatalities, Lost time injury rate(Net-LTIR)'s Performance, Target)
Performance Target
2022 2023 2024 2025
unit: cases
0 0 0 0
Lost time injury rate
0.272 0.24 22% reduction annually
until 2025

* Lost-time injury rate (Net-LTIR): no. of lost time incidence X 200,000 / total hours worked

Expanding Digital Safety and Health Technology Applications

We are expanding the application of digital technologies in areas where human resources and management systems alone cannot prevent industrial accidents. We keep exploring and adopting technologies that are highly effective in preventing industrial accidents, and by doing so,

Adopting digital technology in workplace
  • Tower crane safety sensor

    Triggers alarms and automatic stop when tower cranes approach each other within their travel radius

  • Heavy equipment pinch detection sensor

    Triggers alarms when the operator and the onboard construction machine/loader are in close proximity to each other

  • Pile automated measurement system

    Reviewed for adoption

we also lead the way in creating a technology ecosystem for the sustainable In November 2021, we developed a mobile application (Serious about Safety) and rolled it out to all domestic worksites to reinforce safety behaviors of all employees and workers as well as enhance work efficiency.
It automatically displays customized risk and safety information for each task in real time, and all workers can start their work after checking the required safety measures using the QR function on the mobile application, while the company can monitor whether the required safety measures are being followed on site and swiftly take action on any deficiencies to prevent industrial accidents.
The records of safety and health activities using the mobile application are automatically stored on our IT server in accordance with legal requirements.

Serious Accident Prevention

SK ecoengineering performs thorough causal investigations for major industrial accidents and implements the necessary measures to prevent recurrence. We plan to continuously improve our safety and health management capabilities by examining all aspects of our safety and health management including management systems, personnel, organization, and budget to eliminate any gaps in the system.

Reinforcing Legal Compliance

We strive to accomplish complete compliance with health and safety laws. Despite this effort, in 2022, one fine was imposed at one of our worksites. In response, we introduced a legal compliance checklist in 2023 to raise the level of safety and health compliance management, and the CSO organization constantly monitors health and safety practices at workplaces for legal compliance.

Championing Safety Culture

SK ecoengineering holds a semi-annual safety and health performance briefing chaired by the CEO as a way to validate the effectiveness of the company's overall safety and health management activities. Safety Moments are held at every workplace on a bi-weekly basis to make sure that workplace risks and safety measures are properly handled.

Health Support for Employees

We support efficient health management for our employees through special health management programs for at-risk employees, including those with higher risks of cancers, brain cerebrovascular ailments, and metabolic syndrome. Starting in 2022, we introduced a mental health counseling program, which is available to employees, their spouses, and children. Besides this, we provide personal safety services for our employees working overseas to protect them from diseases, accidents, and security issues.

Employee Health Support Programs - Employee Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Policy
Employee Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Policy table(Including Core management area, Management direction, Specific program)
Core management area Management direction Specific program
Working environment Create a healthy work environment and system to encourage healthy behaviors in everyday life
  • Start a contact-free physical and mental health training program
  • Remodel health care office and gym to improve accessibility
Mental health Offer psychological counseling to take care of the mental health of employees and their family members
  • Provide support for employees and their spouses and children in need of psychological care
Physical health Provide medical checkups to diagnose diseases early, and support follow-ups to protect and promote employees’ health
  • Provide health checkups for employees and their spouses
  • Provide health information and counseling for all employees with positive symptoms
  • Increase medical screening fees for site workers under age of 35
Workplace Health Management

We analyze the work environment to identify factors that affect the human body in order to prevent occupational diseases. Based on the analysis we operate programs to prevent musculoskeletal diseases, such as improving hand tools, changing work patterns, and providing physical protective equipment. We also perform work environment measurements on health hazards such as noise and dust at all workplaces, and conduct routine disinfection to prevent infectious diseases, continuously working to eliminate potential risks inherent in the work environment.