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ESG Management

ESG Overview

ESG Management System

SK ecoengineering has established an ESG management system with the aim to become a Tech Solution Provider that designs a sustainable future. Under the ESG slogan of 'Driving to Zero', we strive to drive 'Risk Zero' in the five key areas of compliance, human rights, safety and health, environment, and quality, and internalize 10 management principles across the organization to realize ESG values and attain sustainability.

ESG Vision

Tech Solution Provider
Designing a Sustainable Future

ESG Slogan

Driving to Zero

Key Areas of Focus
  • Compliance

  • Human rights

  • Safety and health

  • Environment

  • Quality

ESG Management Principles and Code of Conduct

In an effort to incorporate ESG management, SK ecoengineering has declared the ESG Management Principles and Code of Conduct, which all employees have pledged to comply with. We will ensure that ESG management is embedded in every aspect of our operations and activities to realize ESG management and reinforce sustainability.

  • Principle 1
    We establish sound governance.
    1. 1.1We realize accountability management centered on the Board of Directors.
    2. 1.2We make decisions that prioritize ESG values.
  • Principle 2
    We pursue happiness management together
    with all stakeholders.
    1. 2.1We create a company that grows along with our customers.
    2. 2.2We seek a win-win relationship with business partners.
    3. 2.3We make efforts to realize the happiness of our members.
  • Principle 3
    We comply with the law and ethics.
    1. 3.1We establish a fair trade order through compliance management.
    2. 3.2We do not engage in unethical behavior.
  • Principle 4
    We do not compromise with corruption.
    1. 4.1We do not engage in improper solicitation and acceptance of gifts, bribes, or gratuities.
    2. 4.2We do not take unfair private advantage.
  • Principle 5
    We respect human rights.
    1. 5.1We respect all workers.
    2. 5.2We recognize and embrace the diversity of all individuals.
  • Principle 6
    We lead a culture of safety.
    1. 6.1We promote a pleasant environment that ensures the safety and health of our members.
    2. 6.2We value the safety and health of all stakeholders.
  • Principle 7
    We provide the highest quality.
    1. 7.1We pursue customer satisfaction through quality management.
  • Principle 8
    We address environmental issues through
    eco-friendly management activities.
    1. 8.1We pursue eco-friendly management activities.
    2. 8.2We contribute to sustainable development.
  • Principle 9
    We work toward a low-carbon future.
    1. 9.1We adhere to international climate change standards.
    2. 9.2We develop and implement strategies to address climate change.
  • Principle 10
    We fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities to our communities and future generations.
    1. 10.1We make a positive impact on global society.