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ESG Management


Development Talent Development Policy

In pursuit of our vision of fostering top-notch Hi-Tech EPC & Solution providers, SK ecoengineering has established and implemented various programs based on SKMS, the very foundation of SK Group's management, as well as Core Values and Epiculture, which represent our unique corporate culture to create a better world. We support employees' growth in three main pillars: Competency, Value, and Leadership, as we seek to achieve both external growth through improved employee performance and internal growth that will drive the organization's long-term development.

Competency Reinforcement

The competency development program for employees consists of the Essential Course, which is a general knowledge course that all SK ecoengineering employees must understand, and the Advanced Course, which is an in-depth course that individuals take electively depending on their business/job/role.

Employee Competency Reinforcement Programs
  • Essential Course
    (understanding the company/way of working)
    • Financial Story Module

      Understanding the company's main functions and job roles (introduction to corporate midand long-term strategy, major businesses, New BM strategy, and business support tasks)

    • New EPC Methodology Module

      Understanding the background and direction of the company's SWP environment (introduction to New EPC execution methodology)

    • Statutory Training on ESG Management

      Training on sexual harassment prevention, disability awareness, and personal information

    • In-house Mandatory Training

      (Information security, ethics management, safety/quality enhancement, project execution training, new employee onboarding training)

  • Advanced Course
    (building core competencies)
    • Business Module

      New Business competency improvement course (in-depth academy for each of three business functions, procurement/quotation/safety and health academy)

    • New EPC Module

      DT-based SWP utilization proficiency course (Pre-Con/AWP/OSC/BIM Academy (New EPC Delivery core content), BIM/EVN Academy)

    • Management Module

      Courses to acquire core competencies for future executives (strategy/BM/finance/HR training to foster management perspectives)

    • Tech Module

      Advanced engineering competency courses (design/build/project management)

Master's Degree Program

We foster professionals in the field of smart construction technology by opening the Department of Hi-Tech Solutions at Sungkyunkwan University with the aim of nurturing future-oriented convergence talents and realizing happiness through mutual growth of the company and its employees. Run as a competitive core talent development program, the course is open to all employees who wish to participate, and the selection process focuses on their learning readiness and career vision. Through this program, we are not only building a collaborative industry-academia research network, but also securing talented individuals who can flexibly adapt to the fast-changing construction industry market, and fostering them as key persons for achieving a net-zero circular economy as well as catalysts for innovation in our way of working and organizational culture.
Since the opening of the program in 2022, the first class is currently in progress to complete the degree in 2024, and we continue to select candidates every year to train a new generation of smart construction talent for the future.

Master's Degree Program Curriculum at Sungkyunkwan University
  • Category
    • Hi-tech
    • PM/CM1)
    • AI & Big Data/
    • Smart
      EPC Tech.
  • Term 1
    • Hi-Tech
      BIM Seminar
    • AI & Big Data/
    • Smart Construction
  • Term 2
    • Pre-Con/AWP
    • Modular/OSC
  • Term 3
    • Digital Twins in Operation Phase of Construction Projects
    • Construction Project R&D Management
    • NEW EPC Project Seminar

1) Project Management / Construction Management
2) Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Employee Care

SK ecoengineering enhances employees’ productivity in work, and forms a consensus by providing various employee care program. We have newly established the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all our employees and their family members, and provide counseling on work, life, family, and crisis. Through this, we build a safety net and create an environment where employees can concentrate on their duties.

Recruitment and Benefits Recruitment Policy

SK ecoengineering attracts core talents and fosters and develops them as future leadership candidates to fulfill the role of next-generation leaders. For the company's survival and sustainability, we align our core talent system with the goal of building, maintaining, and developing core competencies. Managing the Successor Pool, we also focus on retaining talented people for the long term and identifying and developing the new generation of leaders. We continue to maintain youth employment channels such as internship-linked recruitment and year-round hiring. Since the spin-off, Junior Talent accounted for about 19.3% of our total hires through 2022, and we continue to invest in human capital for future growth. We will continue to invest in future growth potential and contribute to job security for the youth through hiring junior talent, and we aim to attract talented individuals from diverse age groups and nationalities through flexible recruitment that focuses on career and experience.

Talent Acquisition

We have built a talent development pipeline to identify, select, retain, and deploy talented people who will realize Deep Change and take the initiative to drive business model innovation. To support the continuous growth of all employees and create an optimized talent pool, we regularly conduct organizational assessments and evaluate the competencies and attributes of employees. As for new recruits, we select them through internships and open recruitment, and we continue to acquire outstanding talents through external expert target recruitment and open recruitment.

Talent Development Pipeline
  • Talent identification and selection
    Telent identification and selection

    Organizational assessment, employee counseling, long-term high performer pool

  • Talent Development
    Intensive talent development strategy

    Securing core competencies through reskill and upskill programs

    Acquring new skills through talent acquisition
  • Deployment and Placement
    Placing and utilzing qualified resources where needed
Securing Diversity

We are committed to promoting diversity in the workforce to improve organizational competitiveness and realize social value. To bolster diversity and equity in our recruitment process, we have expanded direct recruitment and increased the employment of persons with disabilities through special recruitment programs. For employees with disabilities, we are promoting the creation of new jobs that go beyond simply meeting employment indicators and support their independence and self-fulfillment. To this end, we offer jobs at our headquarters and in our sites, and continue to collaborate with various stakeholders.

Total number of employees* 1,465
* As of June 30, 2023
  • Percentage of employees with disabilities

  • Percentage of female employees

Benefits Policy

To fulfill employee happiness-centered management, we have designed an employee benefits system that factors in leisure and life cycles to improve their happiness. We are working to enhance the happiness of our employees by creating an autonomous and responsible work environment supported by various systems and programs. At the same time, we continue to step up our support for work-life balance. Our goal is to create a positive work environment where all members can balance their work and family life and be more motivated in their work. To achieve our goal, we plan to increase work flexibility for work-family and work-leisure balance, striving to improve employee satisfaction. We will continue to improve each program through employee surveys and impact analysis, and proactively identify and incorporate employee needs for new systems and programs.

Reasonable Compensation

In terms of compensation, we operate the Incentive Bonus Scheme, which allows for differentiated compensation based on role and performance, regardless of seniority. Furthermore, we also implement stock-linked compensation so that employees, who are the main drivers of the company's growth, can voluntarily participate in promoting the company's long-term value from a shareholder's perspective.

Performance Evaluation

To ensure that employee performance evaluations are objective and based on fair procedures and data, we manage employee performance by conducting self-reviews as well as timely feedback on performance. Along with an absolute evaluation system, we also carry out performance evaluations that are in line with our core values in order to support each other's success and enhance the performance of the entire organization as a whole, as opposed to internal competition, so that employees can pursue our core values right from the beginning of their work and be recognized for their process and efforts in creating results.

Performance Evaluation
  • Tasks Set ambitious goals & action plans

    Task setup based on Core Vale · Submit after consultation with team leader

  • Process Core Value assessment

    Assess how Core Values are exhibited in the work process from a peer perspective · Peer Review
    (additional points given to members with outstanding results)

  • Performance evaluation Review performance & determine ratings

    Excellence in terms of Core values, as well as task results, is considered

Support for Work-Life Balance

Diverse programs are in place to help employees balance their work and personal lives. We are creating an autonomous and flexible organizational culture and an environment where employees can immerse themselves in their work through flexible work arrangements, and we actively collect and incorporate employee opinions for further improvement through various channels. Going forward, we will continue to implement various systems and programs, along with psychological counseling programs for employees and their families to support mental well-being after the pandemic, and "Good Impact" rewards in relation to the five pillars of our Core Value "EARTH".

Key Work-Life Balance Support Programs
  • Work from home
    • Empower employees to telecommute and work from home on their own terms, considering work nature, family caregiving situations, and health conditions
  • Staggered commute
    • Allow employees to self-design their work schedule
    • Clock-out at 16:00 on Fridays to support employees to spend time with family
  • Parenting & leave
    • Increase in special leave for long-serving employees or the soon-to-be retired
    • 5-day block leave for summer vacation
    • Establish quarter-day leave
    • Expand parental leave up to 2 years
    • Run “Wings of Happiness” in-house nursery at HQ
  • Family support
    • Support congratulations and condolences (same criteria applied for both paternal/maternal relatives, within the scope of immediate family)
    • Provide Health checkups for spouses (same coverage as employees (biannual))
    • Operate "Happy Umbrella" loan program