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Gas & Power

Our experience with large-scale power generation means SK ecoengineering’s Gas & Power arm is able to provide eco-friendly energy solutions to environmental pollution and energy efficiency pain points for service providers with older boilers.
We also create distributed energy solutions for power grid instability from the use of new and renewable energy.
  • Yeojoo CCPP
  • Icheon SEC
Diagram of the power grid

Transmission tower Cooling tower Cooling water pump Condenser Condensate pump Main heat exchanger for district heating Chilled water Hot water Degasser Heat exchanger in each household Auxiliary boiler Facility for each household in district heating Make-up water supply facility Outdoor substation Transformer Generator Generator Steam turbine Gas turbine HRSG Low-pressure drum High-pressure drum 저압증기 Fuel(LNG) Air Bypass Stack Exhaust gas

  • CCPP Combined Cycle Power Plant

    To increase power efficiency generated from LNG, primary power generation uses heat from the combustion of LNG in a gas turbine, while secondary power generation uses high-temperature exhaust gas discharged from the gas turbine as a heat source. The exhaust gas will drive the steam turbine with high-temperature, high-pressure steam produced by HRSG.

  • CHP Combined Heat & Power

    This system primarily generates electricity through a gas turbine, while the waste heat produced during combustion results in high-pressure steam and hot water. This high-pressure steam is used in the production process, while the hot water is primarily sent to each household on district heating.

  • TNL LNG Terminal

    LNG from overseas must be liquefied for import and transport to LNG terminals in Korea for shipping to each customer. The LNG terminal is a facility that has one or more huge LNG storage tanks. The terminal sells its stored LNG to customers through gas supply pipelines built across the country.

Improving energy efficiency for aging boilers Concept

KEPCO Grid Boiler LNG Steam LNG Hydrogen 1) Electricity Engine Power Plant Exhaust Heat LNG Steam Boiler Electricity 1) 암모니아 Gas Application 동시 개발중

Improving energy efficiency using water electrolysis Concept

H 2 Electricity Engine Power Plant Green hydrogen Water electrolysis (SOEC) Exhaust Heat LNG Steam Boiler