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Hydrogen & Environment

Through the execution of a number of successful plant projects, our Hydrogen & Environment arm has the capabilities you need for customized EPC solutions for global No. 1 H2 Plants in line with the hydrogen economy roadmap.
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Hydrogen value chain through H2 Plants

Refinery/Petrochemical Plant LNG Terminal Natural Gas LNG Storage Storage Tube Trailer Pipeline Liquefied Tank Lorry Transportation method For distributed power generation Liquefaction Plant Liquefaction Plant Hydrogen Gas (By-Product Hydrogen) Liquefied Hydrogen Hydrogen Gas HRS Liquefied Hydrogen Trains Trucks Passenger Cars Drones (UAM) For transportation HMU(SMR or ATR) CCUS LCO2 HMU: Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit ATR: Auto Thermal Reformer SMR: Steam Methane Reforming CCUS: Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage LCO2: Liquefaction Carbon Dioxide HRS: Hydrogen Refueling Station UAM: Urban Air Mobility